Evidence-Based Practice

I first got interested in evidence-based practice well over 20 years ago. The idea originated in medicine and in some ways can seem highly technical and complicated. But the underlying idea is a very simple one: It’s about making more-informed decisions using the best quality evidence or information from a range of sources to both more clearly identify problems (or opportunities) and potential solutions (or ways of taking advantage of an opportunity).

Evidence-Based Practice... in practice

Of course, all practitioners use evidence but I think that hardly any (including me) really do evidence-based practice much if at all. It’s very easy to grasp the concept that using better quality evidence from multiple sources is more likely to get you the outcomes you want. It’s fairly easy to learn how, in principle, to do it. But it’s seems really hard to actually do it everyday working life. This is one of the things that keeps it, for me, endlessly fascinating.

If you want to know more about what evidence-based practice in management means a good place to start is the Basic Principles booklet produced by the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) and you’ll also find many other freely available resources on the CEBMa website.

The infographic reproduced on the right (in partnership with CIPD) gives a useful overview of the definition of evidence-based practice, the different sources of evidence used, and the basic steps or stages. If you have any questions about evidence-based practice please do contact me.